The health and safety of our customers and staff is important to us, and as such, we will be implementing certain changes due to COVID-19, as described below:

1) We will be processing orders through a front take-out window. Customers will NOT enter the store and our outdoor seating will be temporarily removed.

2) The limiting of cash exchange is optimal. We ask that customers pay using a credit/debit card if possible.

3) Social distance lines will be marked and we will ask that you please use the marks when waiting (if there is a line). Please do not park bikes in front of the store on the marked lines. We will only have one window to process orders, so in order that we may serve more effectively, we ask that you know your size(s) and flavor(s) before getting in line or stepping up to the window.

4) For your convenience, we have released an iPhone and Android app that allows customers to place orders right from their phone. When you reach the window, you will simply give us your name and your order will be prepared.

Are you seeking a ten-minute vacation, an affordable luxury, a bit of self-indulgence, a retreat from the heat of the day? At Tropical Sno we have created that oasis of shave ice euphoria. We do this by selling the highest quality and best-tasting shave ice in the world.

Our Flavors:

We are dedicated to providing the best quality flavors possible. Each flavor has it’s own distinct “real-to-life” taste. When you order a Strawberry it actually tastes like Strawberries. Order Peach and you will almost taste the fuzz. You can also mix Peach with Orange to make a “Fuzzy Navel” or mix Tangerine and Mango to make “Tangerango”. The flavor concoctions are virtually endless.


Our Snow

We produce the highest quality snow possible. The snow that our machines produce is so fine that it literally absorbs the flavor so you experience flavor consistency from the first bite to the last.